Dasu: Pushing Experiments to the Internet's Edge

Mario A. Sánchez*, John S. Otto*, Zachary S. Bischof*, David R. Choffnes†, Fabián E. Bustamante*, Balachander Krishnamurthy‡ and Walter Willinger‡.
In Proc. of NSDI, April 2013.

(*) Northwestern University (†) U. of Washington (‡) AT&T Research Lab


We present Dasu, a measurement experimentation platform for the Internet’s edge. Dasu supports both controlled network experimentation and broadband char- acterization, building on public interest on the latter to gain the adoption necessary for the former. We discuss some of the challenges we faced building a platform for the Internet’s edge, describe our current design and implementation, and illustrate the unique perspective it brings to Internet measurement. Dasu has been publicly available since July 2010 and has been installed by over 90,000 users with a heterogeneous set of connections spreading across 1,802 networks and 147 countries.

Dasu is available for download from the project page.